Generate a forecast with the moving average technique

The moving average technique is a common method because it’s simplicity. It is popular for determining market trend changes and is commonly used as a basis for more sophisticated techniques. Please read about this technique in the article "Consumer Demand Forecasting: Popular Techniques, Part 1: Weighted and Unweighted Moving Average".
The following utility generates a forecast using the moving average technique: simply insert observation values, and get the forecast accuracy while comparing two moving averages circulation’s value, or get a recommendation for the optimal moving averages circulation that may produce the best.

1. Insert observation values (numbers):
Note: After 15 minutes of inactivity or page refresh the data is erased.

2. Choose two options for the moving average you’d like to compare:
min:2, max: the number of observations (up to 100)
 an optimal moving average.

Read about the MAD technique for comparing forecasts’ accuracy.