Generate a forecast with the exponential smoothing technique

Exponential smoothing forecasting techniques are simple, accurate and easy to understand, widely used in inventory systems and business planning. Please read about this technique in the article "Consumer Demand Forecasting: Popular Techniques, Part 2: Exponential Smoothing".
The following utility generates a forecast using the exponential smoothing technique: simply insert observation values, and get the forecast accuracy while comparing two alpha (α) values, or get a recommendation for the optimal α that may produce the best forecast for the range 0 to 0.99 (step of 0.01).

1. Insert observation values (numbers):

2. Choose two options for the α you’d like to compare:
min:0, max: 0.99
 an optimal α value for the range of 0 to 0.99 with a step of 0.01.

Read about the MAD technique for comparing forecasts’ accuracy.